‘It’s Not Essential Business’: The Hot Take That Earned Rogers Healy Recognition


Back in March and April when the state of Texas issued shelter-in-place orders, the dividing line between “stay home” or “business-as-almost-usual” was a simple distinction: Is this an essential business? But Rogers Healy, founder and CEO of the real estate brokerage Rogers Healy and Associates, took a seemingly counterintuitive stance.

That stance earned Healy and his namesake real estate company recognition from both Dallas Business Journal and D CEO for leadership and significant influence in the Dallas real estate scene.

It’s easy for companies to flaunt their core values on their website or social media but, for many, 2020 thoroughly put those values to the test. Companies made big, quick decisions in high pressure moments, revealing true colors. 

Rogers Healy is proud of how his brokerage stuck to their people-first, team-focused values during the pandemic and humbled that their adherence to core values is being recognized by notable publications. Dallas Business Journal named Healy one of their most inspiring leaders of the year and D CEO named him in their yearly “Dallas 500” most powerful residential leaders for 2020. 

The Dallas Business Journal‘s Most Inspiring Leaders of 2020 is a new award this year, recognizing six companies and 14 individuals who lead the region and their respective companies or organizations courageously during the ongoing healthcare and economic crises. Other DBJ award winners include DISD Superintendent Michael Hinojosa, President and CEO of the North Dallas Food Bank Trisha Cunningham, and Fidelity Investments.

DBJ focused on Healy’s controversial opinion that real estate is not “essential” business. This opinion caused a stir during the pandemic and went directly against the economic interests of the company. However, Healy believed this opinion served the best interest of the community in order to limit unnecessary social contact as the coronavirus pandemic spread. 

“I’ll always put the safety of my family and loved ones ahead of a commission check,” Healy told Candy Evans in April. “So I was relieved when Dallas County said real estate servicing was not essential because I agree with that. It’s really not essential business in my opinion.”

Healy said that it’s an honor to receive these recent recognitions and accolades.

“It’s cliche to say, but it’s humbling to be recognized for character and approach as well as production,” Healy said. “I’ve been working hard for a long time and it’s awesome to be recognized for that. At the end of the day, you don’t work hard to get awards, but when you get something like this it makes you feel different.”

Rogers Healy and Associates has garnered several mentions for being a top place to work over the years from notable sources, such as Dallas Morning News and DBJ, but 2020 put the company’s famous team-focused attitude to the test.

“This year has been the most pivotal year for all of us,” Healy said. “We’ve always put the wellbeing of our team and clients above a paycheck and this year just showed that in a very real way.”

For years, Rogers Healy and Associates has been on everyone’s radar as the up-and-comers, the ones to keep your eye on. However, this year removed any doubt that the company has firmly arrived on the scene as a heavy-hitter in Dallas real estate.

This year, RHA made two key hires to help position the company for continued growth. Jerry Mooty, a licensed attorney, real estate broker, and tech consultant, joined RHA in June as Director of Strategy. More recently, former Compass Real Estate strategic growth manager Austin Uebele came on board in October as Director of Talent and Growth to lead its recruiting efforts.

“We’ve gone from being this small, boutique agency to going up against the major giants and winning,” Healy said.

Rogers Healy on the Strength of The DFW Market

april 6, 2020 | candy evans, candy’s dirt

He’s been at his ranch near Lindale, Texas, ever since the COVID-19-imposed quarantine began. But he’s still selling real estate, and eating healthy. Today’s one-on-one features real estate talk with our favorite millennial broker and go-getter Rogers Healy, founder of his eponymous brokerage Rogers Healy and Associates.